Thursday, August 22, 2019

Rauru Whakarare evaluation framework

The Rauru Whakarare Evaluation Framework "provides a kaupapa Māori-informed approach to evaluation that enables us to critique and engage deeply with the information that surrounds us. It is available for teachers, students and librarians in all educational contexts to start a conversation about information quality and its contribution to our learning." This New Zealand framework for schools or university use is available through a creative commons licence. It "embodies the connectedness of Whakapapa (background), Orokohanga (origins), Mana (authority), Māramatanga (content) and Aronga (lens) of information we are using. The Rauru Whakarare pattern was chosen as it represents interconnectedness. We see this pattern as a visual depiction of how information evaluation is not a linear process; to establish which information can be trusted, multiple strategies must be woven together." I think the Māramatanga (which also denotes enlightenment) brings a particularly interesting anlge. The page is and the reference for the pdf -
Feekery, A., Jeffrey, C., McKeagg, S. & Kara, H. (2018). Rauru Whakarare evaluation framework.
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Glenelg, Australia, July 2019

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