Saturday, August 10, 2019

Recent articles: infolit and information behaviour of nurses; adolescents; students in Malaysia and South Africa

- Mohammed, A., & Haliru, Z. A. (2019). Exploring the postgraduate students’ perceptions, usefulness and effectiveness of information literacy skills at University of Malaya library. International Journal of Library and Information Science, 11(4), 23-34. (open access)
- Kwafoa, P. N. Y., Anhwere, B. K., & Manu, A. E. (2019). Use of electronic resources by postgraduate students in University of Cape Coast. International Journal of Library and Information Science, 11(2), 7-13. (open access)
- Lee, A., Alving, B. E., Horup, M. B., & Thrysoee, L. (2019). Information retrieval as a part of evidence-based practice: Retrieval skills, behavior and needs among nurses at a large university hospital. Nordic Journal of Nursing Research.(early publication) (I think this is priced) - results of a survey of nurses in Denmark "The most used electronic resources for retrieval of healthcare information were the local intra-net and Google, while bibliographic databases were used to a lesser extent.... Significant differences in competences and use of bibliographic databases were found between nurses who had graduated before and after an educational reform in 2011."
- Park, E., Kwon, M., Gaughn, M., Livingston, J. and Chang, Y-P. (2019). Listening to adolescents: Their perceptions and information sources about e-cigarettes. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 48, 82-91. "adolescents receive information about e-cigarettes from advertisements, family members, their peers, social media, and internet." (priced)
Photo by Sheila Webber: Darling Harbour, Sydney, July 2019

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