Friday, September 20, 2019

Recent articles: action research; narrative instruction; innovative information seeking

Volume 45 issue 5 (2019) of the priced Journal of Academic Librarianship includes the following articles:
- Exploring Innovative Information Seeking: The Perspectives of Cognitive Switching and Affinity with Digital Libraries by Xianjin Zha, Fenfang Cao, Yalan Yan, Jia Guo, Juan Wang
- Embracing the Spiral: An Action Research Assessment of a Library-Honors First Year Collaboration by Sarah LeMire, Thomas D. Sullivan, Jonathan Kotinek ("In this article, researchers use an action research methodology to explore the effect of information literacy instruction on first-year honors student assignments. The researchers explain how they implemented multiple cycles of planning, acting, observing, and reflecting in order to better understand student needs, increase the impact of library instruction, and communicate that impact to library and external stakeholders. Robust and cyclical assessment gave librarians and their strategic partners the opportunity to make iterative improvements to instruction, address issues of overconfidence in students, and make the case for additional information literacy instructional opportunities for honors students.")
- Telling their stories: A study of librarians' use of narrative in instruction by Mindy Thuna, Joanna Szurmak (it "uses a phenomenological methodology and semi-structured interviews with 19 academic librarians who teach in Canadian higher education institutions to determine what narrative tools or approaches they use, and to what extent these practices may enrich both their outcomes and their teaching praxis.")
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