Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Recent articles: STEM; history; bootcamps; teaching librarians

Recent articles from the open access journal College & Research Libraries News include: from Vol 80, No 8, 2019 includes
- Assessment and social change: Empowering underserved students to reimagine their future through STEM outreach by Thura Mack, Savanna Draper
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I haven't yet covered the previous issue, Vol 80, No 7, 2019, which included
- New models for instruction: Fusing the ACRL Framework and Roles and Strengths of Teaching Librarians to promote the lifelong learning of teaching librarians by Annie Armstrong
- A restructured freshman history course: The evolution of a librarian’s role by Laurie Scrivener
- Repackaging library workshops into disciplinary bootcamps: Creating graduate student success by Erin R. B. Eldermire, Erica M. Johns, Susette Newberry, Virginia A. Cole
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Juliusspital park, artwork, August 2019

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