Friday, October 04, 2019

Everyday information literacy #PMLGConference19

My colleague Pamela McKinney is giving a workshop at the PMLG (+ ILG) National Conference 2019: Information Literacy in Public Libraries taking place today in London, UK. This is a description and a link to her slides
"This reflective workshop on everyday information literacy will enable participants to explore the contextual and individual nature of information literacy, and how to relate this to their own practices as an information professional. Information literacy will be explicitly linked to concepts of lifelong learning, citizenship and participation in the information society. Participants will reflect on their own experiences of developing information literacy in their daily lives, and use this as a platform to develop their conceptual understanding of information literacy. Annemaree Lloyd’s model of “Information Landscapes” will provide the framework for a reflective activity where participants will identify the information they had to master in order to become information literate in an aspect of their daily lives. Participants will be encouraged to discuss their evolving understanding of information literacy, and how that relates to their role as an information professional. A discussion of how library services and librarians can support the development information literacy given the diversity of patron needs due to differing levels of education, media literacy and life stage and socio-economic status. Sharing and discussing aspects of current good practice and will provide ideas for future service development." Slides are at

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