Thursday, October 24, 2019

The start of #GlobalMILweek

Today was the first day of Global Media and Information Literacy Week. The Twitter stream is here. In the Information School, University of Sheffield the celebrations consisted of a webinar delivered by my colleague Dr Pam McKinney (I will be posting a link to the recording tomorrow) and a discussion on Global MIL week in the 3D virtual world, Second Life, in the Virtual World Educators Roundtable (VWER), an international weekly meeting for which I am lead coordinator (see the photo of the meeting).
I had asked people to share resources relevant to Global MIL week at VWER and these included items suggested by Dr Valerie Hill:
- Media Literacy Now (USA) "The mission of Media Literacy Now is to drive policy change in every state and at the national level to ensure all K-12 students receive comprehensive media literacy education and skills, now and in the future." includes resources, news stories etc.
- Digital Citizenship Museum. This is in the 3D virtual world Kitely, with exhibits from an international range of contributors: you need a special (free) browser to access Kitely. "CVL’s Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely is an immersive educational experience that raises awareness of digital citizenship to the virtual world community as a whole. In addition to exhibit buildings, the Museum also has space for invited presentation and community networking." More information is on the website at
- Val Hill's own slides on Fake News.

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