Tuesday, November 12, 2019

#MOOC: Information Literacy Online

The MOOC: Information Literacy Online has been released. The MOOC is available in: English, German, Catalan, Spanish, Croatian and Slovenian. There are six main modules:
Module 1: Orienting in an information landscape
Module 2: Research is a journey of inquiries
Module 3: The power of search
Module 4: Critical information appraisal
Module 5: Information use: the right and fair way
Module 6: Let’s create something new based on information and share it!
Additionally there are a couple subject-specific modules (in the English-language version, but only one in the German and Croatian versions and none in the Spanish). There is text and pictures, plus some videos and quizzes.
This is the outcome of a European project (articles etc. about the project here - this article gives an interesting and detailed account of the guiding principles and practicalities).
The content can also be re-used under a Creative Commons license.
Go to https://informationliteracy.eu/en

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