Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Recent articles: improv; IL Framework; learning objects; financial literacy

Selected items from the last few issues of open access journal College & Research Libraries News:
- Hosier, A. (2019). I was once a world famous magician: Using improv to improve performance in the classroom. College & Research Libraries News, 80(8), 456.
- Beech, V., & Kowalik, E. (2019). From cradle to grave: The life cycle of a digital learning object. College & Research Libraries News, 80(10), 560. "Most librarians have probably experienced finding that a website they liked has disappeared, perhaps a video on YouTube, a tutorial, or even just an informative webpage.  ... Since we also place links to some of these items on our library webpages, disappearing websites create broken links or “link rot.” Librarians are also creators of some of these disappearing websites."
- Collier, J. (2019). Pick your battles: Re-examining the Framework for community colleges. College & Research Libraries News, 80(9), 494. " ... reception of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education has been lukewarm among community college librarians. Many librarians who work in community colleges believe the Framework is meant for four-year schools and research-based institutions. By closely re-examining the Framework and recognizing student needs, community college librarians can use the Framework much more effectively."
- Magi, T. (2019). Why discovery tools and information literacy are not enough: Reconnecting with reference sources. College & Research Libraries News, 80(10), 573.
- Mross, E., & Reiter, L. (2019). Partners in financial literacy: Outreach to student entrepreneurs. College & Research Libraries News, 80(10), 575. " ... universities and academic libraries are increasingly supporting student entrepreneurs through both curricular and extracurricular programming to help them develop new startups and small businesses. Though libraries are instrumental in providing access to business development information, they may miss a key service area for successful entrepreneurship—financial literacy programming."
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