Monday, November 18, 2019

#Twitter and Media and Information Literacy #MILclicks

As part of Global Media and Information Literacy week, Twitter released an updated Teaching and Learning with Twitter Guide stating that the Guide "now has media and information literacy as its focus". It has collaborated with UNESCO on this. The main chapter topics are:
Media & Information Literacy and Global Citizenship Education; Media & Information Literacy and Digital Citizenship; Digital etiquette; Dealing with Cyberbullying; Nurturing your Digital Footprints through Media & Information Literacy Footprints; Controlling your Digital Footprint; Controlling your Experience on Twitter; Media & Information Literacy Skills in the Digital Space; UNESCO’s Five Laws of Media & Information Literacy; Learning Activities for Educators and Development Actors; Twitter - The Digital Staffroom; plus some examples.
The link is at and the direct download is

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