Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Call for papers: Information Literacy in LIS programs in the Developing Countries

There is a call for papers for the open session on Information Literacy in LIS programs in the Developing Countries, organised by IFLA LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group and the Information Literacy Section. The session will be during the IFLA Conference Dublin, Ireland, 15-22 August 2020. Deadline for proposals is 28 February 2020.
"There is an increasing awareness about the prospective and important role of LIS education in the dissemination of information literacy through the changing trends and societies. Implementing powerful learning strategies in librarianship, academic, and practical sectors through which awareness about the importance of information in today's life, business and education should be a vital role of LIS education in developing countries. This call to action urges LIS educators to work on their program plans and curricula.
"This session’s goal is to provide a clear view of the presence of information literacy components in LIS programs worldwide with a special focus on developing countries. We are particularly interested in proposals which explore the following issues: The impact of new information technologies on library education; The experiences of LIS educators in introducing information literacy course within their curriculums.; Implementation of IL through e-learning for librarians and library users
LIS departments’ role in IL awareness in their institutions."
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