Friday, January 17, 2020

Free access to journal Learning and Teaching until Jan 31; Politics students' information literacy

There is free access to the journal Learning and Teaching: The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences (LATISS) until 31 January 2020. You need to go to and then register, and when it asks you for a redemption code you enter Education20 This is apparently in recognition of International Day of Education on January 24. The code does not give you access to any other Berghahn journals

I would highlight in particular: Thornton, S. (2019). A longitudinal comparison of information literacy in students starting Politics degrees. Learning and Teaching, 12(2), 89-111.
"This article presents a longitudinal study of a survey used to expose the information literacy levels of two groups of firstyear Politics/IR students at a British university and, using the logic of ‘most similar design’, make informed inferences about the level of students’ information literacy on coming into tertiary education." Thornton compares results from a 2017 study with results from a very similar study carried out in 2009. He notes at the end "Though not part of the longitudinal comparison, the student responses to the new questions regarding social media and preferred website sources suggest, if anything, the need for information literacy education at university will only increase. They suggest there are more potential pitfalls for those current students trying to navigate a safe path to knowledge (particularly political knowledge) than were faced by earlier cohorts. Furthermore, despite some of the more hyperbolic expectations of the ‘digital natives’ literature (Prensky 2001), it seems – as Paul Kirschner and Pedro De Bruyckere (2017) have argued – there is no reason to suggest those born into a digital world are any more naturally adapt at navigating it than previous generations."
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