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Recent articles: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning #SoTL - Librarians; Writing; Scoping; Transformative spaces

The latest issue (Vol 7 No 2, 2019) of Teaching & Learning Inquiry, the open access journal of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL), has a number of interesting articles, including

- McClurg, C., MacMillan, M., & Chick, N. (2019). Visions of the Possible: Engaging with Librarians in SoTL. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 7(2), 3-13. This proposes different ways in which librarians might be engaged with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and is particularly relevant to this blog.

- Healey, M., Matthews, K. E., & Cook-Sather, A. (2019). Writing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Articles for Peer-Reviewed Journals. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 7(2), 28-50. This is an excellent paper in identifying different types of article that you could write, and proposing a writing framework for each of them. "We discuss the process of producing four types of SoTL-focused writing for peer-reviewed journals: empirical research articles, conceptual articles, reflective essays, and opinion pieces. Our goal is to support both new and experienced scholars of teaching and teaching—faculty/academics, professional staff, and students—as they nurture and further develop their voices and their identities as scholars of teaching and learning and strive to contribute to the enhancement of learning and teaching in higher education. We pose three related sets of overarching questions for consideration when writing about teaching and learning for peer-reviewed journals and offer heuristic frameworks for publishing in the four specific writing genres listed above. We also discuss how to get started with writing, preparing to submit, and responding to reviewers, focusing on the importance of contributing to and creating scholarly conversations about teaching and learning."

- Chick, N., Nowell, L., & Lenart, B. (2019). The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: A Scoping Review Protocol. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 7(2), 186-197. - this describes how they plan to do a scoping review, including listing the databases and definitions and providing an example search strategy in ERIC.

- Drane, L. E., Lynton, J. Y., Cruz-Rios, Y. E., Watts Malouchos, E., & Kearns, K. D. (2019). Transgressive Learning Communities: Transformative Spaces for Underprivileged, Underserved, and Historically Underrepresented Graduate Students at Their Institutions. Teaching & Learning Inquiry, 7(2), 106-120.

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