Thursday, March 26, 2020

Call for proposals: Wikipedia and Academic Libraries: A Global Project

There's a call for Proposals for an open access book project Wikipedia and Academic Libraries: A Global Project. The editors are Laurie M. Bridges, Raymond Pun and Roberto A. Arteaga, and the publisher will be Maize Books, an imprint of Michigan Publishing. Proposals are due by June 1 2020.
"This open access edited volume will be a collection of approximately 20 chapters authored by academic library workers and faculty, Library and Information Science (LIS) faculty, and disciplinary faculty from around the globe that highlights engagement with Wikimedia-related projects and activities. This volume will be divided into two sections, and possibly a third: The first section will include real-world examples of activities and approaches to working with Wikipedia. The second section will focus on the theories and underlying concepts required for the development of pedagogical approaches to teaching with and within Wikipedia. A third thematic section may be added, depending on the breadth and number of submissions, for example, a section related specifically to WikiData."
Suggested topics include: Case studies of Wikipedia in information literacy instruction; Student researchers in Wikipedia; The role of Wikimedians/Wikipedians in Residence;
Collaborating with university faculty in the classroom; Edit-a-thon pedagogy and practice; Critical Librarianship and Wikipedia; Wikipedia's fight against misinformation and "fake news"; Use of Wikibooks in classes; Wikidata visualizations for education; Addressing gaps in Wikipedia, such as gender, LGBTQ+, racial, linguistic, regional, etc.
The full call for proposals is here:
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