Monday, March 16, 2020

Recent articles: health information sharing and behaviour - students, older people, Zika virus

The latest issue of Information Research, vol 25 no 1, has been published. It celebrates 25 years of this open access scholarly publication - congratulations to its founder Professor Tom Wilson! Articles include:
- Research data sharing during the Zika virus public health emergency by Vanessa de Arruda Jorge and Sarita Albagli
- Sharing is caring: the everyday informal exchange of health information among adults aged fifty and over by Martijn Huisman, Daniël Biltereyst and Stijn Joye
- Personal health information management by college students: patterns of inaction by Sujin Kim, Donghee Sinn and Sue Yeon Syn
- How Middle Eastern students in the USA use their social networks for medication information: a mixed methods study by Esra S. Abdoh
- College students' sexual health information needs and source preferences in relation to worry about sexual health outcomes by Snježana Stanarević Katavić, Ivana Martinović and Sung Un Kim
Co-experience on Twitter: a study of information technology professionals by Bazilah A. Talip and Bhuva Narayan
- Dynamic aspects of relevance: differences in users' relevance criteria between selecting and viewing videos during leisure searches by Sarah Albassam and Ian Ruthven
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Photo by Sheila Webber: the wreath in the photo I used in January eventually dropped off the cherry tree to get neatly caught on this post. Also appropriate for the 25th (silver) anniversary of the journal

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