Thursday, April 16, 2020

Recent articles: teaching incarcerated students; policy literacies; LibGuides; Forestry students; IL in STEM

The latest issue of open access journal College and Research Libraries News (vol 81 issue 4) is available. It includes:
- The Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (in prison): Using the frames to teach incarcerated students by Clare Kuntz Balcer
- Big data gets big help: Law and policy literacies for text data mining by Kyle Courtney, Rachael Samberg, Timothy Vollmer
- LibGuides Groups in practice: Building a partnership between an academic library and an information studies school by Courtney Hoffner, Antonia Osuna-Garcia
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Also I don't think I covered the previous issue (vol 81 no 3). That included:
- Instructional design: Resources for online learning by Laura A. Sheets
- Taking root: Librarians help new Forestry students create a learning community by Erica Lopez, Tina Oswald
- Critical appraisal: The key to unlocking information literacy in the STEM disciplines by Kathryn Mercer, Kari D. Weaver, Rachel Figueiredo, Caitlin Carter
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Photo by Sheila Webber: cherry blossom and daisies, April 2020

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