Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Recent articles: Cultural context; student-parents; value of academic libraries

Articles from the latest issue (vol 81 no 4) of open access College and Research Libraries includes:
- Crist, E. & Popoa, D. (2020). Information Literacy and Cultural Context: Chinese English Language Learners’ Understandings of Information Authority. College & Research Libraries, 81(4), 646-661.
- Scott, R. & Varner, B. (2020). Exploring the Research and Library Needs of Student-Parents. College & Research Libraries, 81(4), 598-
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Vol 81 issue 3 focused on value of academic libraries and included:
- Anderson, L. & Vega Garcia, S. (2020). Library Usage, Instruction, and Student Success across Disciplines: A Multilevel Model Approach. College & Research Libraries, 81(3), 459-
- Lowe, M.S., Currier, A. & Graunke, S. (2020). Documenting the Value of Librarians in the Classroom: Results from a Mixed-Methods Research Collaboration with Campus Partners. College & Research Libraries, 81(3), 492-
- Epstein, M. & Draxler, B. (2020). Collaborative Assessment of an Academic Library and Writing Center Partnership: Embedded Writing and Research Tutors for First-Year Students. College & Research Libraries, 81(3), 509-
- Beile, P. et al. (2020). Aligning Library Assessment with Institutional Priorities: A Study of Student Academic Performance and Use of Five Library Services. College & Research Libraries, 81(3), 435- [the 5 services included IL teaching]

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