Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Libraries and Archives in the Anthropocene

The latest issue of the open access Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies (vol 3 no 1) is a specal issue on Libraries and Archives in the Anthropocene (quoting the editorial "the Anthropocene can loosely be defined as an epochal age in which humans have made lasting marks in the geological record, stratigraphy, and other earth systems"). The articles are:
- Material Provocations in the Archives by Dani Stuchel
- Dying Well In the Anthropocene by Samantha R. Winn
- Re-Localizing the Library by Amy Brunvand
- The Living Archive in the Anthropocene by Nora Almeida, Jen Hoyer
- Troubled Worlds by Megan Finn, Daniela K. Rosner, Suzanne Black, Nathan Cunningham, Kristin N Dew, Josephine Hoy, Kevin McCraney, Colin Morgan
- Documents for the Nonhuman by Erik Radio
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Photo by Sheila Webber: linden tree flower, May 2020

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