Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Webinars: Hidden Architectures in Information Literacy

A priced three-part webinar series from ACRL is Hidden Architectures in Information Literacy, which will "make visible the structures, practices, and contexts of information literacy programs in academic libraries." The dates are: 21 July 2020, 28 July 2020 and 4 August 2020, all at 2-3pm US Eastern time (which is, e.g., 7-8pm UK time). The costs are: All 3 - ACRL member US $130; ALA member $200; Nonmember $230; Student $100; Group $595. Individual webinars: ACRL member $50; ALA member $75; Nonmember $90; Student $40; Group $295.
The learning outcomes are: Part One: Articulate the goals of an existing or potential information literacy program; Examine the relationship of information literacy program structures to their institutional contexts; Analyze the goals and structure of an existing or potential information literacy program in order to align them
Part Two: Identify differing information literacy program leadership and management strategies; Examine practices for setting boundaries and negotiating best practices with information literacy stakeholders, including non-library faculty; Explore how power is distributed, shared, and managed in order to facilitate equitable instruction program development
Part Three: Identify potential campus partners in order to integrate information literacy into larger curricular contexts; Articulate best practices for successful information literacy-related collaboration in order to begin relationship-building; Prepare and plan for challenges to collaboration in order to ensure sustainable partnerships.
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Photo by Sheila Webber: front door is a little overgrown, July 2020

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