Monday, September 14, 2020

Book: Hidden Architectures of Information Literacy Programs

A book published a couple of months ago: Gardner, C., Galoozis, E. and Halpern, R. (2020). Hidden Architectures of Information Literacy Programs: Structures, Practices, and Contexts. ALA. ISBN 978-0-8389-4819-4.
"In 39 chapters, authors from a variety of diverse institutions highlight the day-to-day work of running and coordinating information literacy programs and the soft skills necessary for success in the coordinator role. They discuss the institutional context into which their work fits, their collaborators, students, marketing, and assessment, as well as the many varied duties they balance" The sections (each with chapters giving examples) are
- Teaching Team Models
- Subject Liaison Model
- Combination of Teaching Team and Subject Liaison Models: Describes IL programs where the instruction work is conducted by some kind of combination of a dedicated teaching team and a liaison model
- Solo Librarian Model
- Focused on a For-Credit Course
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I previously blogged here a priced webinar series of the same name, which I now realise was connected with the book!
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