Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Recent articles from #EBLIP - midwives; students; librarians; disciplinary practices; feminist pedagogy

I don't think I've covered articles in the open access journal Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP) recently. Articles in the latest issue (volume 15 no 2) include:
- The Information Needs of Canadian Midwives and Their Evidence Informed Practices: A Canada-Wide Survey by Lindsay Barnes, Luanne Freund, Dean Giustini
- The Effectiveness of Library Instruction for Graduate/Professional Students: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis by Adelia Grabowsky, Liza Weisbrod
- Using Assessment Tools to Develop a Workshop for Library Staff: Establishing a Culture of Assessment by Jung Mi Scoulas
- (evidence summary) Research Supports are Effective in Increasing Confidence with Research Skills in Early Career Academic Librarians by Jessica A. Koos
- (evidence summary) First-Year Students’ Understanding of Research and Their Information Literacy Skills Change Over Time and in Four Different Ways by Alisa Howlett

Articles in the previous issue (volume 15 no 1) include:
- Advancing the Reference Narrative: Assessing Student Learning in Research Consultations by Doreen R. Bradley, Angie Oehrli, Soo Young Rieh, Elizabeth Hanley, Brian S. Matzke
- Information Literacy Beyond Librarians: A Data/Methods Triangulation Approach to Investigating Disciplinary IL Teaching Practices by Britt Foster

- Mixed Methods Research in Library and Information Science: A Methodological Review by Richard Hayman, Erika E Smith
- Undercover Feminist Pedagogy in Information Literacy: A Literature Review by Emily Kingsland
- Information Literacies of PhD Students in the Health Sciences: A Review of Scholarly Articles (2009 - 2018) by Elisabeth Nylander, Margareta Hjort
- Reimagining Research Guidance: Using a Comprehensive Literature Review to Establish Best Practices for Developing LibGuides by Mandi Goodsett, Marsha Miles, Theresa Nawalaniec
- (evidence summary) Engineering Students and Professionals Report Different Levels of Information Literacy Needs and Challenges by Kimberly MacKenzie
- (evidence summary) Differences in Faculty Approaches to Plagiarism Deterrence are an Opportunity for Increased Collaboration in Information Literacy Instruction by Sarah Schroeder
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