Friday, September 04, 2020

Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

There is a new free book Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education which can be downloaded in pdf free, or you will be able to buy a print copy online.
Healey, M., Matthews, K., and Cook-Sather, A. (2020). Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Creating and Contributing to Scholarly Conversations across a Range of Genres. Elon University. Open access PDF ISBN: 978-1-951414-04-7
Print edition ISBN: 978-1-951414-05-4 $22.95
Details and the online book:
Particular strengths are encouraging reflection on your teaching identity and goals, and having separate chapters looking at a very wide variety of ways you might want to write (e.g. theoretical articles, research articles, reviews, social media, practical examples, opinion pieces, as evidence for awards). They say "Our goal with this book is to model and to support the creation of and contributions to scholarly conversations about learning and teaching in higher education across a wide range of genres. By “genre” we mean the kind or form of writing you select. For example, do you want to write an empirical research article, an opinion piece, a reflective essay, or a blog? As we discuss in part 2 of the book, approaches to creating and contributing to such exchanges in the academic community are inextricably linked to the ongoing processes of developing identities, clarifying your values, and learning through writing—processes in which all scholars of learning and teaching (faculty, academic staff, and students) must engage."

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