Monday, January 11, 2021

New articles: reflecting on IL instruction; librarians as teachers; flipped classroom; copyright; learner confidence; data literacy; IL design

There is a new issue of the open-access Journal of Information Literacy (volume 15 issue 1). The articles and project reports are: 

- Critical discourse analysis as a reflection tool for information literacy instruction by Devina Dandar, Sajni Lacey
- Librarians’ development as teachers by Andrea Baer
- Copyright Dough by Hannah Pyman, Katrine Sundsbø
- A flipped classroom approach to teaching search techniques for systematic reviews to encourage active learning by Karen Poole
- Teaching a one-credit course on data literacy and data visualisation by Tatiana Usova, Robert Laws
- Evaluating confidence in information literacy by David Bedford
- Information-Wise by Jaro Pichel, Barend Last, Julie de Ronde, Alicja Garbaciak, Henrietta Hazen, Stefan Jongen
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Photo by Sheila Webber: ex-Xmas trees of South London, January 2021

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