Tuesday, June 26, 2007

i3 conference

I am now at the i3 conference Information: Interactions and Impact (i3) conference being held 25 - 28 June 2007, at the The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. It's been a wet time here in the UK, and I'm just hoping that my house in Sheffield isn't a victim of the floods (it's up a hill and nowhere near the river, so hopefully not...), but there has been rain here too (see hopeful sign at Dundee, where I stayed on Saturday). Yesterday Bill Johnston and I gave our presentation, which I will probably blog later today. In the meantime I'll mention a talk by Malin Oglund coauthored with Johanna Hansson on Information Literacy, Lifelong Learning and social inclusion at public libraries.
A few points that emerged:
- the fact that many people do not recognise that they need information, so a social inclusion role for public libraries is helping people to discover their information needs.
- the need to get an alignment or interaction between: the way you use the library space, the way you select and organise etc. the "collection", and the way you encourage or develop competencies in the people who use the library.
- that the public librarians should think about whether they aim to compete, complement or compensate for other services (private like bookshops and public like leisure services). She saw the first 2 options as more active.
Malin and Johanna have in particular focused on looking at services to children.
The powerpoint is at http://fc.bildning.habo.se/~malin.ogland/i3/ . The conference website is at http://www.i3conference.org.uk/

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