Thursday, August 30, 2007

Company blog evaluation

Via Jill Walker Rettberg at I came across a blog which evaluates corporate blogs: from a marketing perspective, but there is a good deal of overlap with the way you would evaluate it as a business source. One of the assignments that Bill Johnston and I used to use at Strathclyde was to evaluate a company website from multiple perspectives: (if I remember correctly) a marketing perspective, from the perspective of a job-seeker, and a usability perspective: each brings out some fresh aspects and it is interesting to compare them. Anyway, Jill's reference is to Mack Collier's Company blog check feature: there is a collection to previous entries here and at time of writing the latest one was here: You could ask students to do their own evaluation of the blogs from an information or marketing perspective, and get them to compare with Collier's views.

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Mack Collier said...

Sheila thanks for mentioning my Company Blog Checkup Series! There's been great response to the series so far, and I've even had representatives from Dell, Kodak and LinkedIn contact me about my posts on their blogs. Thanks again!