Wednesday, May 04, 2011

ACRL Proceedings

Some of the papers from the (US) Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) annual conference, held on March 30-April 2 2011, are available full text. The papers, covering many aspects of academic library work, include a number relevant to information literacy e.g.:
- Do Screencasts Really Work? Assessing Student Learning through Instructional Screencasts; Jo Angela Oehrli, Julie Piacentine, Amanda Peters, and Benjamin Nanamaker
- Do You See What I See?: Comparing Student and Librarian Perceptions of Learning Outcomes; Faith Steele and Scott Mandernack
- Uncovering the IL Disconnect: Examining Expectations among Librarians, Faculty and Students; Sheila Cunningham, Allison Carr, and Stephanie Sterling Brasley
- Show Me the Data! Partnering with Instructors to Teach Data Literacy; Karen Hogenboom, Carissa M. Holler Phillips, and Merinda Hensley
- Put the Pencil Down: Using Student Podcasts to Assess Learning in a For-Credit Reearch Course; Lauren Yannotta and Brian Lym
- Listening to Students: A User-Centered Assessment of Incoming Graduate Students’ Research Skills; Julie Petr and Amalia Monroe-Gulick
- From Embedded to Integrated: Digital Information Literacy and New Teaching Models for Academic Librarians; Marisa Walstrum, Larissa Garcia, and Rob Morisson
The index page for the papers is
Photo by Sheila Webber: Tulips, April 2011

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