Monday, May 30, 2011

Guided Inquiry & other resources

The School Library Association of Victoria (Australia) has an interesting website, including resources to help with advocacy, a list of its publications, and lots of powerpoints etc. from past conferences. To pick out one item: the web-based resources associated with a CD-ROM: the CD-ROM is priced, but the resources can be freely accessed. The CD-ROM is called Guided Inquiry: Information into deep knowledge and deep understanding: a guided inquiry approach - the School Library and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. This is based on the work of Carol Kuhlthau: there are 3 quite substantial powerpoint shows (Transforming information ... deep understanding; Putting this into practice; and Assessment) and a link to the website that is associated with Kuhlthau's book. Personally I feel that it takes too much of a "guided inquiry instead of information literacy" approach (I see information literacy as essential for Inquiry Based Learning (rather than there being an either/or), though I appreciate that "guided inquiry" is a more bounded and specific approach to development of effective inquiry. At any rate, the material are well worth looking at.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Kadriog Museum, Tallinn, May 2011

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