Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Information Literate Organisation

At the moment I am in Estonia, as a guest lecturer for an international Masters programme, DILL (International Master in Digital Library Learning). Bill Johnston and I are giving two session on the Information Literate Organisation. DILL is delivered by three universities, and currently the students are based at the University of Tallinn, where Sirje Virkus is directing their programme. As a preparation, we asked people to look at the video of the session on the Information Literate University that Bill and I gave in Lund, Sweden in September 2010. In fact I never gave a link for that before on this blog, so here it is (the slides move forward automatically with the video):
The picture above shows people peering into the Aula at Tallinn University today: it was the inauguration of the new Rektor, in the presence of the President of Estonia.

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Kevin Ballard said...

Thank you for sharing the video link! I especially found slide 5 regaring a "information rich environment" to be helpful as I try to show my School Board how the school library is a vital part of the learning environment.