Friday, May 13, 2011

LILAC Report catchup: Lawbore #lilac11

At the LILAC (Information Literacy) conference 18-20 April 2011 in London, UK, Emily Albion talked about Stimulating student learning when visual is king: learnmore at City University. Although the online resources she has developed are aimed at law students, some of them could be used by other students, and certainly there are good ideas to follow. The Lawbore website is at with an attractively laid-out home page, featuring topic guides and news. The Learnmore site is at Learnmore has sections for newbies (which includes short sections about getting the best out of lectures and tutorials and specialist sections, notably "remembering cases"), exams, research, moots, writing and careers.
Photo is of the poster at LILAC by Bob Glass and colleagues, on The development of the UK Information Literacy “Question Bank"

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