Friday, January 08, 2016

Community of Online Research Assignments

CORA (Community of Online Research Assignments) "is an open access resource for faculty and librarians." It is funded by the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) (USA). "It is intended to be a collaborative space for adapting and experimenting with research assignments and sharing the success or lessons learned so that others may benefit. The database will contain multiple, reliable and reproducible research assignments that will not live as isolated entities, but are enhanced by user feedback in order to build a rich corpus of best practices."
There is not a huge number of assignments at the moment, so you can browse through to see if there is anything of interest to you. There are also curated links to external resources.
Photo by Sheila Webber: morning exercise for horses based at Woolwich barracks, South East London, December 2015

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