Friday, January 29, 2016

Information literacy of psychology students

A group in Germany have produced numerous papers studying the information literacy of psychology students. They have done primarily quantitative research with cohorts of students at their institution. The papers (mostly in priced journals) are lised at The ones mostly obviously concerning information literacy are:
- Peter, J., Leichner, N., Mayer, A.-K. & Krampen, G. (2015). Making information literacy instruction more efficient by providing individual feedback. Studies in Higher Education. Early publication
- Rosman, T., Mayer, A.-K. & Krampen, G. (2015). On the pitfalls of bibliographic database searching: Comparing successful and less successful users. Behaviour and Information Technology. (early publication)
- Rosman, T., Mayer, A.-K. & Krampen, G. (2015). Intelligence, academic self-concept, and information literacy: The role of adequate perceptions of academic ability in the acquisition of knowledge about information searching. Information Research, 20 (1).
- Rosman, T., Mayer, A.-K. & Krampen, G. (2015). Combining self-assessments and achievement tests in information literacy assessment: Empirical results and recommendations for practice. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 40(5), 740-754.
- Leichner, N., Peter, J., Mayer, A.-K. & Krampen, G. (2014). Assessing information literacy programmes using information search tasks. Journal of Information Literacy, 8(1), 3-20.
- Leichner, N., Peter, J., Mayer, A.-K. & Krampen, G. (2013). Assessing information literacy among German psychology students. Reference Service Review, 41(4), 660-674.DOI: 10.1108/RSR-11-2012-0076

They also list a paper in the European Journal of Psychological Assessment called "Measuring the procedural component of information literacy in higher education: Theoretical outline and empirical results", but I think it must be this as it has the same DOI:
Rosman, T., Mayer, A.-K. & Krampen, G. (2015). Measuring Psychology Students’ Information-Seeking Skills in a Situational Judgment Test Format: Construction and Validation of the PIKE-P Test. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 31 (2), 1-10. Advance papers doi:10.1027/1015-5759/a000239 at
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