Monday, January 18, 2016

Recent open access items: ACRL and UDB; Spanish school teachers' perceptions; Zotero; faculty-librarian collaboration

Álvarez, J. and Gisbert-Cervera, M. (2015). Information Literacy Grade of Secondary School Teachers in Spain - Beliefs and Self-Perceptions. Comunicar, 23 (45). or (pdf) (open access full text)

Kraft, A and Williams, A. (2016). #Shelfies are encouraged: Simple, engaging library instruction with hashtags. College and research libraries news, 77 (1), 10-13.

Clements, N. and Guertin, L. (2016) Science literacy meets information literacy: Using Zotero as a teaching tool. College and research libraries news, 77 (1), 4-16.

Sullivan, B. and Porter, K. (2016). From one-shot sessions to embedded librarian: Lessons learned over seven years of successful faculty-librarian collaboration. College and research libraries news, 77 (1), 34-37.

McMichael, J. and McGlynn, L. (2015). Information Literacy by Design: Unlocking the Potential of the ACRL Framework. [Presentation] (looks at the Understanding by Design approach to teaching).
Photo by Sheila Webber: daffodils flowering much too early, Blackheath, January 2016

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