Saturday, March 24, 2018

Association of College and Research Libraries #ACRL Instruction Section awards: Mader; Nutefall; 23 Framework things

Award winners have been announced! Congratulations to them all.
- The Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award goes to Sharon Mader (pictured). "Sharon Mader’s career in Information Literacy has had a prolonged and profound effect on the community of teaching and learning in libraries. Sharon was a founding faculty member of the Information Literacy Immersion Program, and has mentored librarians and leaders for many years. Her long term participation in the Instruction Section and ACRL has culminated in her role as ACRL's Visiting Program Officer for Information Literacy, and she has devoted herself to presenting about, advocating for, and communicating with others about the new Framework for Information Literacy, including the development of the Framework Sandbox. As a leader in our field, Sharon has helped the field as a whole put in place the structures that have enabled us to make the transition from theory to concrete action. We are delighted to recognize her for her many contributions to the advancement of instruction."
- The Ilene F. Rockman Instruction Publication of the Year Award goes to Jennifer E. Nutefall (Santa Clara University), for:
Nutefall, J. (Ed.) Service Learning, Information Literacy, and Libraries. Libraries Unlimited. ISBN-13: 978-1440840913 This book " covers a critical and emerging gap in information literacy literature. As many colleges and universities begin focusing on civic and community engagement, this book may act as a primer for librarians who wish to incorporate service learning into their practice. This timely book pushes the field in new directions as it encourages librarians to consider new and innovative methods of teaching information literacy concepts and skills."
- The Instruction Section Innovation Award goes to 23 Framework Things which is at Recipients are Trent Brager (University of St. Thomas), Amy Mars (St. Catherine University), and Kim Pittman (University of Minnesota – Duluth) "The 23 Framework Things professional development program offers an innovative and open sourced solution to learning more about how to incorporate the Framework into information literacy instruction. The self-paced program allows users to interact with other librarians through commenting and reflection as they consider local implementation of the Framework. With expansion beyond the Minnesota Library Association and an indefinite extension of the program, 23 Framework Things is poised to help many librarians incorporate the Framework into their local context in the coming years."

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