Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Promise of technology debate

Since I blogged an Economist online debate a few weeks ago I've been emailed when a new one popped up. This one might be of interest: here is the blurb that was sent me
"The Economist Debate Series presents another debate proposition that is highly relevant to educators and students. The debate proposition states: "This house believes that if the promise of technology is to simplify our lives, it is failing." What do you think? Does technology make life simpler, or does the connected nature of our modern lives keep us in a constant state of information overload? Are students suffering because of the presence of technology? We probably all remember simpler times before our lives were saturated with text messages, emails and Google alerts, but were those better times? We invite you and Information Literacy Weblog readers to weigh in with your personal experiences and points of view on the topic." How can you resist, eh. The opening statements are posted and voting begins today.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Crocus, Feb 2008

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