Monday, February 04, 2008

IL in schools book

A new book is: Dubber, G. (2008) Cultivating Curiosity: Information Literacy Skills and the Primary School Library. School Library Association. ISBN 9781903446423. £7.50 or £6 to members of the UK's School Library Association. "This updated and revised Guideline, taking account of the 2007 Government literacy teaching objectives, explains the importance of embedding information literacy into a whole school, ICT and curriculum context. It outlines and explains the processes of research for young children and shows ways that teachers and librarians can develop and promote information literacy and related ICT skills through the primary school library and link it to classroom practice. It also includes a very useful and practical case study, some templates and a reading list." It can be purchased from
Photo by Sheila webber: Martello Tower housing James Joyce museum, Sandycove, Ireland, February 2008.

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