My stuff on the web

I use a lot of other applications on the web, and this page provides links to key content and resources. It is mostly about information literacy, Web 2.0, educational informatics and Second Life.

On Twitter and Second Life and Flickr (and a few other places, I'll link to those nearer the bottom of the page) I'm Sheila Yoshikawa, which is my Second Life name. My Twitter feed is here:!/sheilayoshikawa. I use Flickr a lot, but almost all the pictures are of Second Life: (there is a widget with a Flickr feed on the front page of this blog).

On Facebook, Linked In,,, Pinterest and Mendeley I'm Sheila Webber. I mostly only friend people on Facebook and Linked-In that I know already. The list of publications on this blog is fuller than any of those locations.

I put a lot of my presentations on Slideshare

I have pages on
Netvibes, in particular:
Sheila's Web 2.0 Stuff, where I have aggregated various applications (blogs, videos etc.: Netvibes is actually a more convenient place to use than this page ;-)
Also there is a page I maintain on Using Web 2.0 and

I have two Youtube accounts, one on my main Google account (the same as for this blog), which is also my main Youtube account, and one attached to my university Google account. This is the main channel:

I do a lot in the virtual world, Second Life. Some of the sites to do with that are: