Talks Sheila gave in 2015 and 2014


12 January 2015: MOOCs, information literacy and the role of the librarian at Edinburgh University, Scotland. The slides from this talk are here :

14 January 2015. MOOCs, information literacy and the role of the librarian (i.e. the same as the previous talk) in the virtual world, Second Life.

19 March 2015. Futurelearning! Reflections on teaching in the Future Learn Play MOOC. Faculty of Social Sciences learning and teaching conference, University of Sheffield. The slides from this talk are here:

10th June Workshop on running a journal club (with Marshall Dozier), the handout is here and 12th June Workshop on phenomenography (with Bill Johnston), the powerpoint is here, both at at the EAHIL 2015 Workshop, in collaboration with ICAHIS and ICLC, held in Edinburgh, Scotland

18 June. Ability to present the results of the scientific information obtained. An online talk invited by the Research Center of the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT) [postponed until later in the year]

25 June. Self-identified Information Behaviour of learners in the FutureLearn “Play” MOOC, at the i3 conference, held in Aberdeen, Scotland [I haven't put this on Slideshare, but the main elements are given at the end of the next (23 July) presentation]. Three of my PhD students also presented on their research (I have linked to the relevant blog entries): Joseph Essel (Conceptions of the Information literate teacher by teacher trainees at a Ghanaian University), Syeda Shahid (Assessing children’s IL skills: Findings from a multiple case study of six primary schools in Pakistan) and Kondwani Wella (Experiencing HIV and AIDS information: a phenomenological study of serodiscordant couples in Malawi).

23 July. Reflecting on teaching and information behaviour in a Futurelearn MOOC. Talk for the Computing & Communications Department, The Open University, Milton Keynes. The presentation is here:

19-22 October, the European Conference on Information Literacy (in Tallinn, Estonia):
Presentation (with Bill Johnston) on Information Literacy and the Scottish Independence Referendum (2014): an autoethnographic exploration of political decision-making
Workshop on Supporting Information Literacy in MOOC Learning Two of my PhD students also presented their research: (Jess Elmore and Evanthia Tramantza) and I was rapporteur for the conference


22 July 2014: Ifutures Conference, Sheffield, UK. I gave a Workshop on Disseminating your Research to Maximise Impact (mostly talking about using social media etc.)

15 August 2014: IFLA Information Literacy Section Satellite conference: Facing the Future: Librarians and Information Literacy in a Changing Landscape, Limerick, Ireland. Together with Bill Johnston and Dr Shahd Salha I presented a round table on The Active Citizen in a Changing Information Landscape

18 August 2014: World Library and Information Conference, Lyon, France. I gave a short "IGNITE" presentation at the Section for Education and Training session, entitled LIS Education in 2050: How, Not What (I haven't put this online as the powerpoint was almost entirely images, so it doesn't make much sense)

1-3 September 2014: Special Interest Group Phenomenography conference, Oxford, UK.  Together with Dr Eva Hornung and Dr Shahd Salha I presented a paper on The phenomenographic interview as a learning experience.

19 September 2014. Sheffield University Faculty of Social Sciences conference, Sheffield, UK. I presented on: Is this a game? Blended interplay of information between digital and physical worlds

15 October 2014. Methodological challenges seminar series, Sheffield, UK. Together with Marshall Dozier (Edinburgh University) I presented on Social, ethical, digital: issues in 3D worlds research. This session was livestreamed and the recording is

20-23 October 2014. European Conference on Information Literacy, Dubrovnik, Croatia. I 
(1) presented an invited paper with Bill Johnston Information Literacy as a Discipline: a contemporary perspective
(2) Participated in a panel with Bill Johnston (Strathclyde University Centre for Lifelong Learning), Dr Ola Pilerot (The Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås, ) and Professor Louise Limberg (The Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås, ) Relating research and practice in Information Literacy and 
(3) presented a poster co-authored with Dr Valerie Hill (Texas Women's University)  Digital citizenship, global perspectives.

Week beginning 3 November 2014: I delivered week 6 of a 7 week MOOC (from Sheffield University on the Futurelearn platform) on Play  

27 November 2014. Invited to Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic where I
(1) delivered a session to masters students on MOOCs and information literacy: the powerpoint from that is
(2) gave a keynote presentation Blended information behaviour and information literacy for 21st Century life - the powerpoint from that is

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