Talks Sheila gave in 2017 and 2016


  • May 2017. University of Sheffield. Co-organised introductory workshop for librarians on Phenomenography with CILIP Information Literacy Group.

  • June 2017. i3 conference. Aberdeen, Scotland. Mapping the development of critical information behaviour through school and university.

  • July 2017. University of Sheffield TELfest. Comparing use of Technology Enhanced Learning in an on-campus class and a distance learning class (presentation with Pam McKinney)

  • September 2017. European Conference on Information Literacy in Saint Malo, France. Theorising information literacy: Exploring different expert views and reflections and different national / cultural perspectives (panel with Olivier Le Deuff and Bill Johnston) and Learning Information Literacy and teaching: an action research project (presentation with Pam McKinney)

  • October 2017. Global Media and information Literacy Conference Kingston, Jamaica. Libraries & SDGs for Media and Information Literate Lives in the 21st Century.


  • May 2016. Qualitative and Quantitative methods in Libraries conference. London, UK. Trends and Challenges to Future Libraries: Exploring Research Approaches. Presentation

  • June 2016. European Media and information Literacy Conference. Riga, Latvia. Media and Information Literacy through the lifecourse

  • July 2016. IFLA/New Professionals SIG/CPDWL Webinar. Information Literacy in My Career. Presentation for all the speakers at and recording at

  • August 2016. World Library and information Conference, Columbus, USA. Information Literacy in Europe, MIL and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Presentation:

  • October 2016 European Conference on Information Literacy in Prague Czech Republic. Information Literacy, Threshold Concepts and Disciplinarity (presentation with Bill Johnston) and Radical, Critical? Exploring discourse around information literacy (panel with Annemaree Lloyd, Ola Pilerot, Bill Johnston

  • November 2016. ACRL VWSIG. Explaining reasons for citation and comparing articles: an assessment in a Masters-level module

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