Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ISIC2012: The Information Behaviour Conference cfp

2012's ISIC: The Information Behaviour Conference will be held 4-7 September 2012 at Keio University, Japan. Deadline for submission of full papers is January 10, 2012.
Themes of the conference include:
1. Theories and models of information seeking and searching:
2. Research approaches and methodologies
3. Information seeking, searching, use and sharing in specific contexts
4. Organizational structures and processes and information seeking, searching and use.
5. Information seeking and searching in virtual social networks, including gaming and virtual worlds as arenas for information exchange.
6. Information behaviour in everyday life
7. Integrating studies on information seeking and interactive retrieval.
8. Information use: the nature of information and how information is used to help solve problems, aid decision making or satisfy an initial need.
9. The mediation of information behaviour
10. The design of information delivery systems to meet information needs
11. Information seeking and information requirements – integrating information science and information systems.
12. The communication of information to users:
13. Collaborative information seeking and searching in diverse contexts such as work teams or learning environments.
More information at http://www.slis.keio.ac.jp/isic2012/
Photo by Sheila Webber: Autumn red devil apple, October 2011.

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