Monday, February 13, 2012

Arcadia project reports

I have blogged about the recent information literacy currculum project which was part of the Arcadia Programme, but I don't think I have highlighted some of the other outcomes from the prammes. There are still some reports to be published, Student reading in theory and practise by Oszkar Nagy and a report on implementing the information literacy curriculum. As background, "The Arcadia Programme was a three-year programme (2008-2011) funded by a generous grant from the Arcadia Fund to Cambridge University Library. The grant enabled us to explore the role of academic libraries in a digital age, create new programmes and services, particularly for undergraduates -- and also to improve the external environment of the library."
Previous reports/websites include: History uncovered - by Carolyn Keim; Internet Informed Patient symposium website and blogs on the event - by Isla Kuhn; Postgraduate information needs and online tools awareness - by Esther Dingley; IRIS(Induction, Research and Information Skills) - by Lizz Edwards Waller. Go to
Photo by Sheila Webber: branch on the icey lake, Sheffield, February 2012

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