Friday, September 07, 2012

New Book: Handbuch Informationskompetenz

For German speakers, an e-book published in May looks like essential reading: Handbuch Informationskompetenz (Information Literacy handbook). It has many chapters (in 583 pages), with excellent authors, and covers issues to do with information literacy in different sectors, information and digital literacy, information literacy in school and in Higher Education, teaching information literacy, changes to the "teaching library" and reports on information literacy in the different German-speaking countries. The only drawback is that is is really too expensive for an individual to buy, though the e-book format may make it convenient for a library.
Sühl-Strohmenger, W. (Ed). (2012) Handbuch Informationskompetenz. De Gruyter Saur. ISBN 978-3-11-025518-8. Price 128,95 € / $181.00 (or you can buy individual chapters for about 30 Euros each)
Photo by Sheila Webber: Hawthorn leaves, Hellingly, September 2012

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