Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Makes an Online Instructional Video Compelling? and; temporal aspects of e-learning

Two online learning items:
- An article published earlier this month on the Educause website: Hibbert, M. (2014, April 7) What Makes an Online Instructional Video Compelling? "a team at the Columbia University School of Continuing Education examined analytics from the video hosting platform and recruited 10 students to participate in in-depth interviews." Lessons include: students mostly looked at the videos on computers, not mobile devices; videos were more popular if related directly to assignments; most students liked videos to look professional, but in fact the most important thing was having a lecturer who made the subject interesting. (and I recognise Marchand's Strategic Information Alignment framework; I used to use it when I was teaching business intelligence.... it was evidently the subject of a particularly popular video)
- The latest issue of E-Learning and Digital Media Volume 11 Number 2 2014 is a special issue on The Temporal Dimensions of E-learning
Photo by Sheila webber: crab apple blossom, photoshopped, Sheffield April 2014

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