Friday, May 30, 2014

Report on the #emilforum, in Second Life on 4 June

I will give a personal report from the First European Media and Information Literacy Forum (held in Paris, France, 27-28 May) in the virtual world, Second Life.
Time: 4 June 2014, 12 noon Second Life time (which is 8pm UK time, see for times elsewhere)
Venue: Infolit iSchool, our island in the virtual world, Second Life (SL). You need a SL avatar (signup free on the SL website and the free SL browser (not the normal web browser) installed on your computer in order to participate. Email me if you want any help with this. The direct SLURL (once you have your avatar and browser) is
What: Sheila Webber (i.e. me, my name is Sheila Yoshikawa in SL) will give a report on the Media and Information Literacy Forum I already liveblogged some of this (see I will be highlighting some of the projects and resources, and also giving my personal perspective on the issues and challenges: including the issue of getting the "Information Literacy" part of "Media and Information Literacy" better understood ;-)

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