Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spreading the benefits of digital participation

Congratulation to Scottish colleagues who, through robust their responses, have managed to get information literacy firmly onto the agenda in the recently released report from the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Spreading the benefits of digital participation. The final report now passes the "find information literacy" test, with statements including “Information literacy is essential in the modern information age; literacy, numeracy and digital skills are required by everyone if they are to effectively find and use information and enjoy their right to personal expression.” (p8) and “In the 21st Century, information literacy is a prerequisite for digital engagement.” (p44: a very quotable quote!) The report notes, for example, the need for improving the extent to which information literacy is embedded in the Scottish curriculum.
Royal Society of Edinburgh (2014) Spreading the benefits of digital participation. Edinburgh: The Royal Society of Edinburgh http://www.royalsoced.org.uk/1136_FinalReport.html
Photo by Sheila Webber: foam of cow parsley, Gravesend, May 2014

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