Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Report from #ecil2014 - Relating research and practice in Information Literacy

I just finished chairing a 90 minute panel on Relating research and practice in Information Literacy, which started with presentations by me, Bill Johnston, Louise Limberg, and Ola Pilerot and then had some time for discussion and questions. The presentations (in one document) are embedded below. Afterwards there were interesting points raised by the audience, mentioning barriers such as language (i.e. research being in different languages) and suggesting further studies such as investigating teh experience of people who were successfully conducting research in a practitioner context. There were also ideas about how the discussion could be continued at ECIL next year.

We don't say anything about ourselves in the slides, so it is worth saying that all four of us (Bill, Louise, Ola and me) started out as library practitioners and then made a move into academia (three of us into library and information science, Bill into educational development/research).

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