Wednesday, October 29, 2014

An #ecil2014 roundup

Almost done with posts from the European Conference on Information Literacy held last week, but here are some useful links, including a few presentations.
- The conference website is at

- The official Facebook page is at

- The Twitter stream is

- I liveblogged the conference. You can find my posts at

- Jane Secker did a blog post

- A couple of posts in Dutch from Monique Schoutsen

Here are some links to presentations
- Kornelija Petr Balog and Ljiljana Siber University of Osijek, Croatia. Students of Law and E-Democracy: Are They Information Literate at All?

- Marion Kelt, Senior Librarian, DDIL. SMIRK: the evolution of an IL training package SMIRK itself is at

- Rebecca Kuglitsch, University of Colorado. More than a Citation Manager: Zotero for scalable embedded librarianship and instructional assessment

- Lindsey McLean and Elisa Acosta, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, U.S.A. Taking Active Learning to the Next Level: Increasing Student Engagement by Blending Face-to-Face Instruction and Digital Learning Objects and here is the Radar Game

- Ewa Rozkosz , Documentation and Information Specialist at University of Lower Silesia. Information and Media Literacy of Polish Children According to the Results of “Children of the Net” and “Children of the Net 2.0” Studies

- Drew Whitworth , Senior Lecturer at University of Manchester Toward Radical Information Literacy

My own presentations are on Slideshare:
- Information Literacy as a discipline: a contemporary perspective Sheila Webber and Bill Johnston

- Digital Citizenship: Global Perspectives across age levels poster by Valerie Hill and Sheila Webber

- Relating Research and Practice in Information Literacy Panel by Sheila Webber (University of Sheffield), Ola Pilerot (University of Borås), Louise Limberg (University of Borås), Bill Johnston (Strathclyde University)
Photos by Sheila Webber: 1. cats in Dubrovnik; 2. a map showing where ECIL delegates came from

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