Monday, January 04, 2016

Presentations: Propaganda, games and quizzes, skills

Presentations from Libraries and innovations in learning a recent (December 2015) ALISS (Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences) seminar are online.
- Skills in Seconds - Debs Furness and Elizabeth Lawes UCL on the 'Skills in Seconds' series. "This is a series of short films introducing print and online resources available from UCL Library Services to help users find materials, answer enquiries or explain what things are" The videos are here
- Using Games and Quizzes in LibGuides to Engage Learners in Information Literacy - Rozz Evans UCL Institute of Education Library
- Propaganda and Ideology in Everyday Life -Ian Cooke. Head of Contemporary British Publications, British Library on collaboration development and delivery of a MOOC on Propaganda
- The (Treasure) Map to Induction using Pirates to make Library Introduction more Fun- Fiona Paterson and James Atkinson City University London, "on how members of the Information Literacy Group sought to make an introduction to library resources for Nursing students more fun by introducing a pirate theme and using Adobe Presenter to create a more interactive experience."
Photo by Sheila webber: dorr wreaths of South London series, December 2015

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