Saturday, November 12, 2016

New articles: badges; reflective writing

The latest issue of SCONUL focus (open access) mainly has items relating to librarians' Continuing Professional development, but it also includes:
Rizvi, M. (2016). Been there, done it, badge it! Information literacy and the use of digital badges at Middlesex University. SCONUL Focus, (67), 89-93. (an interesting short article as the cohorts targetted were in the UK and in China).
Additionally there is an article about reflective blogging, referring to library students, but the points could also apply to other cohorts: Burns, J. (2016). Pedagogical approaches to teaching blogging and reflective writing to library school students. SCONUL Focus, (67), 17-19.
The issue is at
Burns refers to an article in which a former colleague of mine discusses how we use reflection on a module here at Sheffield University iSchool, so I will cite that as well:
Sen, B.A. (2010.) Reflective writing: a management skill. Library management, 31(1–2), 79–93. (the open access version is here:
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