Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Feedback wanted: Roles and Strengths of Teaching Librarians

The ACRL Instruction Section charged a Task Force with revising the Standards for Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians and Coordinators and this Task Force has completed a draft of a new document, Roles and Strengths of Teaching Librarians in Higher Education. They invite feedback on this draft by December 1 2016. "Major changes in the revision include a shift in language from proficiencies to roles and from “instruction librarian” to “teaching librarian,” a structural change from a list to a conceptual model, and a change in focus from skills to strengths needed to thrive in each of the roles. The document is intended to help both clarify roles which may be assumed by a proficient teaching librarian as well as inspire new roles." The document is available as MS Word, Google Doc and pdf
Word document:
Google doc:
They are going to create a post on the ACRLog which you can reply to with comments, but that isn't there at time of writing. The alternative is to email with your comments - if you submit comments this way identifying information will be removed (I assume this means - unless you specifically say you WANT yourself identified) and posted to a publicly available Google doc. A summary of comments will be prepared by the Task force. there is more information about the initiative in the document itself.
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