Thursday, September 21, 2017

Information Literacy Vis-a-Vis Epidemic of Distrust: Sheila liveblogs from #ecil2017

I haven't blogged much today because I was part of a panel this morning at the ECIL conference: Pam blogged something about that, and I will blog the slides later. However I just attended an interesting session (that Pam may blog too!) Information Literacy Vis-a-Vis Epidemic of Distrust from Helena Lipková (presenter), Hana Landova, and Adela Jarolimkova
In the Czech Republic, the issue of fake news is recognised at the government level (with this country and other perceiving a barrage of misinformation coming from another country). They decided to do an analysis of the literature, searching for items published 2007-2017 in library and information databases. 555 unique items realting to trust and reliability of information sources were discovered. They used a three level coding structure, based on examining abstracts (mostly) or full text, with the aid of Atlas/TI text analysis software.
One coding categories related to "Trust in relation to an object, a person or an institution". They found no articles about trust of librarians or libraries (but there were some about trust of other professions, such as a doctor). There is a lot of research about trust in online shopping, often discussed in relation to customer satisfaction or technology adoption.
A further major category was "Trust construction". Again there were many article related to online shopping, marketing, and also construction trust in social media. In terms of the category "Trust in information sources" there was a dominance of articles about trust in online sources, but little on trust in traditional media. Another dominent theme in this category was trust in health information.
In conclusion: they identified research gaps as regards: trust in librarians, trustworthiness of libraries, trust in traditional media (the speaker noted that there could be national/ cultural differences), violation of trust (there is little on reconciliation after trust has been impaired).
Photo by Sheila Webber: Brasserie du Sellon, Saint Malo

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