Monday, September 25, 2017

New articles: information experience of socioeconomically disadvantaged; avoiding information; information sharing; health information seeking

The latest issue of open access journal Information Research has been published (volume 22 no. 3, September, 2017). It includes:
- Kathleen Smeaton, Christine S. Bruce, Hilary Hughes and Kate Davis: The online life of individuals experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage: how do they experience information?
- Annemaree Lloyd, Ola Pilerot and Frances Hultgren: The remaking of fractured landscapes: supporting refugees in transition (SpiRiT)
- Chun Wei Choo: Seeking and avoiding information in a risky world
- Nora Odoi: The information behaviour of Ugandan banana farmers in the context of participatory development communication
- JungWon Yoon, Hong Huang and Soojung Kim: Trends in health information-seeking behaviour in the U.S. foreign-born population based on the Health Information National Trends Survey, 2005 - 2014
- Shengli Deng, Yanqing Lin, Yong Liu, Xiaoyu Chen and Hongxiu Li: How do personality traits shape information-sharing behaviour in social media? Exploring the mediating effect of generalised trust
- Sangwon Lee: Implications of counter-attitudinal information exposure in further information-seeking and attitude change
- Reijo Savolainen: Information sharing and knowledge sharing as communicative activities
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Saint Malo, fort, September 2017

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